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17-Nov-2017 16:35

I knew there had to be some money in this.” there were only 44 numbers with the 900 prefix available while AT&T beta-tested the technology.

Bentz says there were rumors that the people who got those first numbers, which they mainly used for adult chat lines, became wealthy practically overnight.

who they thought won the Ronald Reagan-Jimmy Carter presidential debate.

For 50 cents, viewers could call one of two numbers, and AT&T recorded the number of calls to each to determine who the audience felt was the winner.

In the late 1980s, dialing a number with the 900 prefix on your landline phone became a way to gain access to a web of information on any number of subjects before the Internet as we know it existed.

While expensive and technologically limited, for a few boom years, 900 numbers that charged by the minute filled a gap for people who required daily updates on nearly anything.

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Bentz founded a company called Advanced Telecom Services to assist 900 number entrepreneurs, and soon he’d helped launch phone lines that look like a preview of today’s most popular websites.

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