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28-Jun-2017 04:17

Some states in the United states have laws prohibiting sexual contact between caregivers, and their charges. If you are suspected of impropriety or accused of the same, it can minimally result in disciplinary action by your employer and/or state board of nursing or other governing body.Many consider dating and sexual activity with patients, at the very least, unethical and unprofessional.Here we get into issues of professional boundaries.The intimate nature of nursing care, both physical and emotional, can lead to a misunderstanding of feelings and relationships.It is your responsibility to bring any required referrals for treatment at, or prior to the visit.If you do not have the referral, your visit may be rescheduled, or you may be financially responsible.Getting romantically involved with a patient - with or without sexual contact - compromises the professional association.

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Occasionally you will even hear of a nurse who marries a patient currently in his or her care.

While it may appear to have worked out well for a few, understand that you are treading on thin ice, and slippery legal advice if you move in this direction.

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